Get Brand Ready

Designing A Brand So You Can Confidently Launch Your Website

So you want to build a website but you aren’t brand ready yet. In this course I will guide you step-by-step, to discover the who, what and why of your brand. Did you know that a brand exists in the minds of your customers as perceptions, or their experience with you and your business. In Get Brand Ready you will figure out exactly who your target audience is and how you want them to feel. Knowing this informs the next phase of your journey, which is to build your biggest brand asset yet, your website.
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By the time you complete the course, you will be able to:

This course is for you if...

Learning Path

  • Answer the question “what is a brand?”
  • Find out the 6 key elements of an effective brand
  • Learn the steps for designing your brand
  • Module 1 assignment

Video 6.5 Min  + 5 Min Read + Course Expectations

  • Create your ideal customer avatar
  • Learn ways to research your customers
  • Know and understand your audience so you can better speak to them

Video 7.5 Min  + 10 Min Read + Module 2 Assignment + Feedback

  • Define what your brand stands for
  • Write your UVP (unique value proposition) statement 
  • Module 3 assignment
  • Module 3 feedback

Video 5 Min  + 5 Min Read + Module 3 Assignment + Feedback

  • Explore the different kinds of logos
  • Learn about colour and design
  • Module 4 assignment
  • Module 4 feedback

Video 4.5 Min  + 5 Min Read + Module 4 Assignment + Feedback

  • Learn what an identity system is
  • Apply your findings to your UVP to create your own identity system
  • Module 5 assignment
  • Module 5 feedback

Video 3 Min  + 5 Min Read + Module 4 Assignment + Feedback

  • Consolidate and implement your learning
  • Plan future actions steps
  • Module 6 assignment
  • Module 6 feedback

Video 2 Min  + 2 Min Read + Course Feedback

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